2 person meat and vego go bag kit


The meat and veg emergency go bag kit comes with free postage, tracking and is fully insured.

Contents: one 40 litre backpack, 1 single freeze dried vegetarian stirfry meal, 1 single freeze dried vegetarian nasi goreng meal, 2 meat based single serve freeze dried meals, 1 single freeze dried mixed vegetables, 1 freeze dried mash potatoes, 2x 200 gram ready to eat high energy survival biscuits, 1 copy of the weed forager's handbook, 1 packet of aquatabs water purification tablets, 1 soild fuel stove with cooking fuel tablets, 2x stainless steel army kidney cups, 1x army water canteen, 1x swedish fireknife with ferro rod, 2x titanium sporks, 2 pairs of ninja gloves (please state your size m/l/xl/, 2 pairs of 3 m goggles, 2 colgate soft toothbrushes, 5 metres of paracord, 1 standard major bleed first aid kit, 1 spare emergency blanket, 2 head torches with batteries, 1 x mini dynamo torch (winds up no batteries required), 2 survival whistles, 1 packet of soap leaves, 2x p2 masks and 1 two person dome tent





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