Bravo Prepper's bug out bag postage included

Bravo Prepper's bug out bag postage included

BRAVO Preppers BOB bag  comes fully loaded with gear -free post, insured and tracking included for $739


You get:

1x TAS 900D Sahara backpack with 2 litre bladder.

1x TAS Auscam poncho

 2 x auscam shirts 

1x pure2 fill extreme water bottle.

1x upgraded major bleeding kit with 4 inch israeli battle dressing, 2x sutures, one pair of stainless needle forceps,one single use scalpel, one large chlorhexadine, and one haemostatic dressing.

 1x Coleman rugged machete

1x Gerber moment 2 knife hunters field dressing kit.

1x military style cutlery kit

2x  200 gram mylar packs of long life high energy survival biscuits.

2 x Back country double serve freeze dried food packs.

 1x 1 Weed foragers handbook.

1x packet of waterproof matches

1x paracord bracelet with ferro firelighting rod.

 1x army belt s-xlor xl - XXL (please state your size at checkout)

 1x TAS canteen and pouch.

1x stainless steel army kidney cup,

1xhexamine cooker (comes with a pack of hex tabs).

2x additional packets of hexamine tablets.

1x roll of cloth tape,

2x arlec head torches with batteries.

1x packet of glow in the dark sticks.

2x p2 masks.

2x3m goggles

2x disposable razors with 2x sachets of single use shave cream.

2x colgate soft tooth brushes

2x packets of soap leaves.