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Alpha Prepper's bug out bag


Contents are accurate in this description, we have reduced the price reflecting some pictured contents not available in the picture. 

1 bag in tan, black or camo.  2 x auscam shirts  L , XL or XXL, 1 pure2 fill extreme water bottle, 1 upgraded major bleeding kit, one multipurpose hatchet, 1 military cutlery kit, 2x  200 gram mylar packs of long life high energy survival biscuits, 2 x double serve freeze dried food packs  and 2x single serve freeze dried food packs, 1 Bob Cooper survival kit, 1 Bob Cooper outback survival handbook, 1 Weed foragers handbook, 2 x (5in1) survival whistles with match holder compass etc, 2x packets of waterproof matches,2 x disposable ponchos,1 adjustable  L - XXL army belt, 1 plastic army canteen and pouch, one stainless steel army kidney cup, one rectangular hexamine cooker (comes with a pack of hex tabs), two additional packets of hexamine tablets, 2x face mozzie nets, one roll of duct tape, two head torches with batteries, 2 additional emergency space blankets, one knife sharpener, 2x four metres of paracord,  1x two pack of p2 masks,1 sewing kit, 2x packets of soap leaves, 2x packs of bean seeds, 2x packs of carrot seeds, two mouse traps, 2x packets of glow in the dark sticks, 2x paracord fishing gear survival bracelets, 10 x 200mm zip ties, 100 metres of fishing line.

Our list of additional preps you might want to purchase from the chemist.

Instructions of how to make a glow in the dark tripwire from gear in your preps.




We now offer vegetarian options for our freeze dried meals and if you don't fit an xl-xxl adjustable belt or a L/XL/XXL shirt we'll happily give you $30 worth of your choice of other items instead. Please phone to confirm. 0413 174 384