Box of preps (b.y.o bag)-free postage

Box of preps (b.y.o bag)-free postage

Box of preps B.Y.O bag.- water filter bottle-stove- kidney cup-food-cutlery-machete- book- dynamo torch etc $299



You get:

1x fill 2 pure extreme purification stainless water bottle 500+ refills

1x hexamine stove with tablets

1x stainless steel kidney cup

1x packet of nato style cutlery

1x box of waterproof matches.

2x Back Country double serve freeze dried meal packets (your choice of meat or veg please state at checkout)

1x 200 gram packet of long life high energy biscuits.

1x The weedforager's handbook.

1x Coleman rugged machete with saw edge

1x 4in1 pocket dynamo torch.

1x Arlec head torch with batteries.

1x TAS Auscam poncho.

1x pair of black ninja gloves