Mylar bag+02 prepper bundle includes postage

Mylar bag+02 prepper bundle includes postage

Preppers Mylar bag and oxygen absorber bundle $79.99 with free postage in Oz. Fresh stock top quality.




These are thick premium quality mylar bags: In this bundle you get:

*2x flat bottom JUMBO MYLAR bags: each measures 1metre x 70 cm approx 60 litres each bag!


 *5 x thick premium quality large flat bottom mylar bags: each measures 22cm x 30 centimetres.


*5 thick premium quality extra large flat bottom mylar bags: each measures 24 cm x 37 centimetres.


*100 hundred x two hundred cc oxygen absorbers.


Directions.You get two master packs of fifty 02 absorbers. It is important to not leave your 02 absorbers out for longer than 30 minutes as they'll go to work straight away. 


45 oxygen absorbers in each of the two 60 litre jumbo bags and an oxygen absorber in each of the large and extra large bags is enough for flour, rice, pasta, beans etc.


Fill up your bags and put in the oxygen absorbers and try and push out any air then use a ruler to make a straight edge and simply use an iron on low to medium heat without steam and seal the edge, the jumbo bag will take about 5 or 6 seconds to move alone the edge and you're done.


 These come with postage included and delivered by Australia post with standard tracking. 


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