Nomad Bow +Alpha mk2- 2 bug out bags kit- free postage

Nomad Bow +Alpha mk2- 2 bug out bags kit- free postage

Alpha 2 person kit and 40 pound draw Nomad takedown bow and arrows which assembles in 60 seconds.


This ALPHA MK2 - 2 person kit comes fully insured with tracking & discreet postage included with Australia post.

You get:

* 2x TAS auscam 35 900D bags with 2 litre water bladders.


*2x TAS army canteens with auscam pouches.


*2x packets of Aquatabs purifiers (treats 100 litres water total)


*2x TAS  Auscam Hutchies.


*2x TAS auscam Ponchos. 


*2x TAS solid fuel stoves with hexamine tablets.


*2x boxes of waterproof matches.


 *2 xTAS stainless steel kidney cups.


*2x military style stainless steel cutlery sets.


*2x Weed Forager's handbooks.


*4x2 serve packs legendary Back Country freeze dried meals.


*4x 200 gram mylar packs of high energy long life survival biscuits.


*2 Ridgeline Rescue folding knives with glass breakers and belt cutters.


*1x Coleman rugged machete with saw edge.


*1x Berkley ceramic sharpener


 *2x 4 in 1 dynamo torches


 *2x arlec headtorches with batteries.


*2x packets of soap leaves.


*2x colgate soft toothbrushes.


*2x disposable razors with shaving cream sachets.


 *4x p2 masks.


*2x pairs of  high quality safety goggles. (as recommened in bushfires)


*2x2 person dome tents.


 *2x 5in1 survival whistles.


*2x 15 metres of 270kg breaking paracord.


*2x individual packs of hothands hand warmers.


*2x rolls of cloth tape.


*1x upgraded major bleed kit that comes with the standard gear PLUS large chlorhexadine, 2 packets of sutures, 1 disposable scalpel, large stainless tweezers, stainless needle forceps and a 4 inch Israeli battle dressing.


*1x standard major bleeding first aid kit.


Also included is a full print out  of Preppers School modules #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 All of this for $1399 fully insured with tracking and postage included anywhere in Australia.