Prepper food + mylar bundle free post

Prepper food + mylar bundle free post

 MRE's, freeze dried rice, high energy survival biscuits, mylar bags and 02 absorbers for your own stuff you want to make long life.




60 x 250 gram Hungerbuster MRE main meals these are mixed cartons of 6 flavours.

24 packets of Back Country freeze dried rice.

2 x 4 kg boxes of indidually mylar wrapped high energy survival biscuits.

1x mylar bag and 02 absorber kit which contains 1 jumbo mylar bag that holds up to 60kg and 5 medium and 5 large mylar bags and 50 oxygen absorbers. 1x 02 absorber in the medium and large mylar bags and 40 absorbers in the large bag.