:Vegetarian bug out bag kit

:Vegetarian bug out bag kit


World's first vegetarian bug out bag-  first aid-food, foraging book- cooking gear -knife etc free postage $465



You get:

1x Tas Sahara 900D backpack with 2 litre bladder. Comes in your choice of Auscam or black (please specify at checkout).

 2x single freeze dried vegetarian meals.

1x single freeze dried mixed vegetables.

1x 1 freeze dried mash potatoes.

 2x 200 gram ready to eat high energy survival biscuits.

 1x copy of the weed forager's handbook.

1x 1x go straw water purification straw.

1x 1 packet of aquatabs water purification tablets.

1x 1 soild fuel stove.

1x packet of waterproof matches

1x paracord bracelet with ferro fire starting rod.

 1x army stainless steel kidney cup.

 1x army water canteen.

 1x Ka-Bar Gila folding knife.

 1xmilitary style stainless cutlery.

 1x pair ofblack ninja gloves (please state your size sm-m/l/xl/ at checkout).

 1x 5 metres of paracord. 

1x standard major bleed kit first kit,

 1x arlec head torch with batteries,

1 packet of soap leaves.