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F.A.Q- Welcome, if you are on a mobile phone the three lines at the top get you into our shop and no you don't have to sign up to navigate this site or have a paypal account to make a purchase, you can use your credit card as a paypal guest.

As we have loads of products it may take pages a few seconds to load.

You can place orders online 24/7 and you can call us for assistance 9-5  six days a week on 0413 174 384.

If you are looking for an emergency go bag, check out our bug out bags section we have five models to choose from.

We offer four Preppers School downloads in the courses section from just 99 cents!

Yes we are the shop you've seen on T.V,  heard on the radio and seen in the newspapers.

We stock a whole range of Survival gear in our store and online, including: 

  • Disaster and Siege Survival Kits

  •  Bug in / Bug out gear 

  • Hunting  and camping accessories, notably we'll be stocking Ridgeline and O light very soon.

  • We offer online sales 24/7 and walk 

    in shop cash sales and pick ups  on Saturdays 9-11 a.m

 We're always expanding our range and have plenty of new arrivals every month. 


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Buying you vital minutes, hours and days if S.H.T.F

We believe that the better prepared everyone is, the more likely ethics and patriotism will shine if a huge disaster ever hits us.

Check out our Preppers School downloads that teach you preps to have in place for  all case scenario events  which can help both your preparedness and peace of mind.


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Survival Shop Prepper's Warehouse 8 Waite St Ethelton S.A 5015.

Open 9-11 Saturdays for pick ups and cash sales.

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We're happy for you to do a phone order and direct deposit the money into our account if you don't like website ordering.

We use discreet packaging and labelling and Australia post with tracking on every order.

Bug out bags come fully insured.

Unless specified differenty at checkout  due to individually item specific insurance or cubing rates, our postage and handling rates are :

Stickers : free shipping

Up to 3 kg $20

3kg to 5 kg $29

 5 to 10 kg $36

10 to 20 kg $75

20 to 30 kg $200

30 to 40kg $350

Please choose carefully we will not refund on sterile products.

Any returns for store credit need to be done with proof of purchase in unopeded packaging and are subject to a 20% restocking fee.  



Be served by like minded people, real life preppers.

Our commitment to supplying high end preps stems from our own prepping communities passion.


WE IMPORT DIRECTLY from the manufacturers on our masks and we purchase directly off the distributors for the rest of our range ensuring quality products with manufacturer backing.

Our New Year special is the Bravo emergency go bag pictured here for $550 delivered anywhere in Australia fully insured with tracking and get a free 2 person dome tent!

Contents of the Bravo emergency go bag kit:

1 bag in tan, black or camo.  1 auscam shirt L , XL or XXL, one pure 2 fill extreme water bottle, 1 upgraded major bleeding kit, one multipurpose hatchet, one 200 gram mylar pack of long life high energy survival biscuits, 2 double serve freeze dried food packs  and 2 single serve freeze dried food packs, 1 Bob Cooper survival kit, 1  (5in1) survival whistle with matches holder compass etc,1 pack of waterproof matches,1adjustable  L - XXL army belt, 1 plastic army canteen and pouch, one stainless steel army kidney cup, one rectangular hexamine cooker (comes with a pack of hex tabs), two additional packets of hexamine tablets,1 face mozzie net, one roll of duct tape, one head torch with batteries, one knife sharpener, 4 metres of army cord,  2x p2 masks, one sewing kit,1 packet of soap leaves, 2 packs of bean seeds, 2 packs of carrot seeds, one mouse trap, one packet of glow in the dark sticks, one paracord fishing gear survival bracelet.

Our list of additional preps you might want to purchase from the chemist.

If you've read this far you have no doubt been amassing a wealth of knowledge about prepping and global tensions over a period of weeks, months or years.

We have sourced high end and economical preps to help you get your preparedness to the whole next level. We are well aware that grey man preppers may not wish to purchase online with credit cards to protect their anonymity so we welcome you to visit us in store.


ATM's are located nearby on Semaphore Rd Semaphore,  Dale St  Port Adelaide as well as just around the corner from us at the Carlisle Tavern on Carlisle St Ethelton. I'd recommend you stop there for a counter meal, a beer and a pee if you've driven a while to get here. 

We don't have eftpos or public toilets onsite.

Our discreet shop address is:

8 Waite St.

Ethelton, SA


"Democracy is the worst form of government except for all other forms of government"

- Sir Wiinston Churchill

We look forward to processing your online order or seeing you in person shortly.

Come visit our shop which has products not listed on here.