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10 prepping mistakes to avoid

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

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Here is a list of 10 prepping mistakes to avoid.

1. Too much research and no resources in place. You should immediately have extra long life food in the pantry and more sanitary products.

Get a couple of weeks worth of backups and then do more research.

2. No immediate basic plan for bugging in and bugging out. You should immediately start working out a plan for staying in and evacuating a disaster.

A S.W.O.T analysis is brilliant for this. List your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for bugging in and bugging out.

3. No EDC/ GHB. An Every Day Carry or Get Home Bag can be as simple as a poncho, a lighter, a water filter bottle kept topped up and a couple of muesli bars. Essentially having the means to stay warm, hydrated and not starving is something you should have on hand at all times. 4. Telling the world. It's tempting to tell everyone they should prep. First think if this turned into a famine could I be targeted. 5. Scaring loved ones with theories of how bad shtf could get. Try and ease loved ones into prepping by getting a couple of weeks or a months worth of gear stockpiled for peace of mind. Baby steps it, they are already scared. 6. All the gear and no idea. Have a play with your kit, go camping in the backyard if you can't make it to a forest for a while. Run a grid down drill. Simply get your gear together and turn off the power and turn off the water and gas for a weekend. Then work out how to do it better. 7. Dependant on Plan A. Having stocks in your house "homesteading" is great but if it's burnt down or overrun then what? Maybe bury a cache somewhere safe on the way to your Plan B. 8. Too much weight, not enough speed. It's a trap, the worst of them all, aim for about a 1/4 of your body weight if you are putting together a bug out bag. 9. Putting it off until later. Job loss and disasters often come without warning, what are you waiting for- get prepping for peace of mind. Better to have and not need than to need and not have! 10. Out of date Inventory Preppers cycle their food stocks through two pantries so we never throw out food. One for bulk long life and one we eat when the dates are getting closer to expiring.

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