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Self sufficiency is the new prepping

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The place to come to get your preps in place once and for all.

Whether you are a new to #prepping wanting to download #preppersschool which comes full of how to's, worksheets and templates or a seasoned prepper looking to purchase #mylarbags, #oxygenabsorbers, #israelibattledressings or #CBRNmasks I stock a wide range from #offgrid and #survivalbooks to #bugoutbags.

As Australia's most interviewed prepper I'm regulary asked all manner of questions by t.v and radio hosts and have never been asked if I wear a tin foil hat. More and more main stream media and society at large are seeing the precedence of natural and man made disasters and understanding that there is a probability for more to come with even greater potential to do us harm.

#Doomsdayprepping still has it's place in the risk matrix but now understanding the potential of #cyberwar and #climatechange or climate cycle, prepping has morphed into a disposition of family or community resilience and not being a burden on stretched national resources in times of a disaster.

It would be fair to say that #doomsdayprepping has been replaced by #selfsufficiency split into two main focus groups of #offgridliving / #homesteading and #buggingout or going #nomad. #Vegetarians and #hunters are particulary quick to master many of the basics of prepping as they both have a clear mindset of where their food comes from and knowing how to raise, forage and grow or trap, stalk and hunt; importantly both groups know how to store and preserve their harvest.

#Foodprepping has been around for thousands of years storing grain in silos etc.

I buy direct from the manufacturers or their authorised distributors, my focus is bringing you excellent customer service and supplying you with quality survival gear at the best prices.

I look forward to helping you become more prepared-Trevor Andrei

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