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Bug out Bike.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

So here's a couple of thoughts, an E.M.P has taken down the entire power grid and all electrical circuitry. Your post 1985 car will not start and you need to leave.

Or you need to leave in a panic situation but all of the roads are jammed.

A Bug out bike could be the answer, strong, light weight and much faster than walking.

Hitch a baby carrier to it and you've got a means of moving your precious cargo kids/preps/both.

Gears can jam and are hard for most people to fix so strictly speaking from a prepping point of view bikes with gears aren't really as sturdy as a fixed gear bike. Like most things in prepping there is a trade off, you need to factor in if you are in a really hilly area or are likely to encounter several hills on your journey into the new world.

Things you should consider are thorn proof tubes and strong tyres. A puncture and bike repair kit and a pump. Red lights take less time for your eyes to adjust at night but all lights will make you easy to spot at night.

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