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Female Urban Survival.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Female urban survival has unfortunately always been an issue in our complex society.

In this blog I’d like to cover a few basics in regards to situational awareness.

Use your own good judgement on the following suggestions and feel free to share this with those you love.

It might not be best checking in on facebook but rather if you wish to let others know what trendy spot you’ve been at, check in when you’re leaving in case anyone you don’t like is trying to stalk you.

Avoid heels if you can if you’re a woman walking at night by yourself. Men have highly tuned ears for that click clack sound. Maybe go home in your flats after work they’d be far easier to run in if you have to work back late and walk past anywhere sketchy.

If you are attacked whilst wearing heels try to stomp on your attackers feet with your heels and scream.

The next bit might be obvious but don’t wear headphones, I actually know a woman that got run over wearing headphones. Tune in to what’s around you and casually j walk or cross the road if something up ahead looks or sounds sketchy.

Talking on the phone has you in contact with someone but again removes you from what’s going on around you. Most information on the internet says to have your phone in your hand if it has an emergency dial option.

Have some small change in your pocket. If someone scary asks for a dollar kindly say I’m sorry I’ve only got a little change but you’re welcome to it and be on your way swiftly.

All the usual things naturally come into this, avoid areas that are poorly lit, try and stay in view, and avoid parks at night. If attacked all the stuff on the net says scream your guts out to attract attention.

Check out the 4 in1 dynamo torch that we sell it comes with a siren so it's perfect for walking with at night.

Be Alert. The world needs lerts!

©2019 South Australia. All rights reserved.

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