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Foraging food 101.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

FREE FOOD if you know how to find it!

Many people would surely be surprised to know just how much food is freely available in parks ,vacant lots and even hanging over fences or on nature strips all over Australia.

As an outback tour guide I became familiar with many edible plants, but after reading The weed forager's handbook, my eyes were opened to how many plants we walk by every day that we can eat raw, blanch a little or boil for five minutes and be able to eat.

Many are high in protein, calcium and vitamins.

All preppers should own the weed forager's handbook!

I would really recommend that if you are reading this now that you buy the book and use it straight away. Familiarise yourself with the plants in the book and forage all of your greens from your neighbourhood and keep a look out for things that others aren't making use of like olives, plums and lilly pillies. Maybe even print out a map of your suburb and mark fruit trees and wild edible hot spots on it to reference if you ever really need it.

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