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Gifting preps to relatives.

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

For me it was quite an eye opener to have candid conversations with a broad spectrum of people at the Melbourne Arms and Militaria fair we exhibited at.

Many families spoke of how they learned lots from the Doomsday Preppers show on Channel 73 , 7mate.

Most said they worried about their nieces, nephews or grandchildren as the parents don't have any survival skills and don't prep.

They often added that they knew their relatives would however come to ask for food if shit did indeed hit the fan, which is a source of frustration for many in the prepping community; who often get mocked by their relatives who are blowing money on all of life's luxuries but who'll be the first to come knocking if things get bad.

I broached this subject with ease - When the kids have a birthday or Christmas or Easter or any occasion fit for a present just gift them camping gear, they'll use it on school camps and holidays if they get the chance and they'll have it on hand if S.H.T.F some day.

Start them off with a bag and belt, an army canteen and a kidney cup, a poncho, a mozzie net, a dynamo torch, a sleeping bag etc, naturally for Easter send them an MRE ration pack and a packet of morale boosting m+m's.

Kids love cool stuff and look anywhere camo is hot in fashion at the moment, then again it's always been around hasn't it.

Give them a few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and they'll add it.

As for your in-laws or siblings we sell off the shelf bug out bags if you want the adults to be prepared immediately.


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