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Homesteading is option A

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

In my survival shop in South Australia, older folks sometimes ask me about homesteading vs going to a BOL bug out location.

I think the thing that resonates the most is that in later years life experience can help your children, grandchildren, nephews,nieces etc. Ultimately a lack of medications or weary bones spells trouble so homesteading probably is the way to go. It's where you know and are known. A tribe of elders is probably a decent idea to work on (building a trusted group) as well as getting your homes fitted out with rainwater tanks, solar lights, vege gardens, fruit trees, chickens, firewood, gas bottles etc.

The thing about life that we've all known all along is that one day we'll be gone....yet something primal hardwired into our DNA says soldier on even when faced with extreme adversity. I find it fascinating.

On an international prepping forum the other day some fare welled an old prepper. Imagine that he died in his sleep with no zombies at his door. Some would say what a waste. He probably had thousands of dollars worth of preps that were unused. But I think his remaining family now has them and that to me is the passing of the torch. I hope you mature folks out there get what I'm saying. Your son in law might have a degree in I.T and two left hands that he can get by o.k with at the moment but make no mistake the knowledge you can pass to your grandchildren and the preps the son in law will be custodian of when you pass are the twinkle in the eye no different to the stars in the sky.

Consider doing a S.W.O.T analysis and actively prep thereafter.

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Speak with your partner and family members or friends you wish to include and work out if you are on the same page, often this is not the case. You must remember to prep from the bottom up. Concentrate on short to medium term utility outages, natural disasters and financial crisis in both your speech and actions.

Remember it is only natural to completely freak out about the possibility of WW3 so try and calm things down if your loved family members start showing unwillingness to prep because they are frightened of nuclear war.

Australia is resource rich, cyber war would be more probable so get them focused on surviving a month or two on preps as an end goal. You can secretly stockpile more long life food if you feel it necessary but you need to keep them calm and you need to be the rock.

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