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Getting loved ones prepping

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

You will come across many useful acronyms and tips in our blogs which we hope will help you and your loved ones. Speaking of loved ones they are not always on board with doomsday prepping so let's start with our first two acronyms.

#1. Swap the terminology S.H.T.F "shit hits the fan" for L.C.E "life changing event". This can take into account natural disasters,prolonged utility outages, epidemics, financial crisis and wars.

#2. B.O.B "bug out bags" and B.O.L's "bug out locations" can intimidate novices so start with a J.I.C "just in case" bag that comes along in the car.

The 7 C's of survival are generally

#1.*Cutting - A small folding knife like a Ridgeline mustang folding knife to go in your pocket and a larger sheath knife like a Bear Grylls one with firestarter is an 8/10 in our thinking.

#2. *Combustibles and cooking- A bic lighter, back up waterproof matches, hexamine tablets, cooker & kidney cup are perfect!Don't forget ya fighting a spork

#3. *Coverings and cordage- Think of really efficient low weight stuff to keep you warm and dry, an army boonie hat or bucket hat, spare socks a shemagh and a poncho are a good start; an emergency bivvy and a couple of packs of hand warmers are great too. Paracord and cloth tape are a must they're the next best thing since sliced bread !-With 5 metres of this stuff McGyver could make a 747. Don't forget to have a couple of reusable not too rustly plastic bags to keep things dry if you get caught in big downpours or need to do a high water crossing - large zip lock bags and a couple of good quality big rubbish bags are great.

#4. *Cleaning- A pack of wet wipes can double for face / body washing and then bum wiping. A little bottle of hand sanitiser, a tube of antiseptic, a packet of light weight soap leaves and quarter of a sponge scourer to wash your kidney cup.

#5.*Communications and concealment - a head torch, a survival whistle with a button compass, signalling mirror and match storage is made for this job. A dynamo torch radio completes it.

One whistle blow = Where are you?

Two whistle blows = Come here

Three whistle blows= distress call

A shemagh and face paint might help you hide.

#6. *Canteen and canned food- An army canteen full of water and canned food - this is just a suggestion but for us canned sardines or tuna and some peanuts makes sense. Lots of taste and fats and proteins. A mouse trap and a wire loop snare are essential. Your just in case bag might be all you have for a prolonged L.C.E!

#7.*Can't live with outs- Medications/ Prescriptions, basic first aid kit, spare glasses as well as stuff to purify water like aquatab tablets and gastro stop tablets in case you get the runs. Low weight additions are things like multivitamins, muesli bars and salt sachets. A Bob Cooper survival kit has a lot of goodies in a little pack, we'd recommend you having one.

This is a basic version of what we call our run pack. A detachable pack on our bug out bag.

In short if you need to drop weight and run for your life or bury your bug out bag to save energy while scouting for security and or resources this stuff can buy you days of survival at a minimum.

Your J.I.C "just in case bag should contain the above items at all times!

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