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Preps for babies and toddlers.

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Have you ever wondered how refugees and tribal people manage to migrate or be nomadic with babies and toddlers?

That could be us one day. The big questions are for how long and under what conditions?

Will humanitarian aid be available in 72 hours if at all?

Will we be homesteading, going to a bug out location or going nomadic?

A well stocked homestead or bunker is of no use if it's destroyed, occupied or otherwise inaccessible / cut off from us.

We need to go back to basics and plan for at least 72 hours on foot with potential for longer.

Baby bottle


Packet food

A few disposable diapers

A few cloth diapers and safety pins

Rash cream

A packet of wet wipes

A few cloth wipes

A teething ring

One very small toy

A change of the next size up waterproofed warm clothing.

Waterproofed shoes and a pair of socks.

Any medicine your child needs daily or often.

You might want to include a Scrubba bag and a couple of packets of soap leaves.

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