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Prepping Media Synopsis ©2019 All rights reserved.

My name is Trevor Andrei, I go by the name Trevor Andrei Prepper on facebook where I have loads of how to videos. I own Australia’s first walk in shop for preppers and am a survivalist, landscaper and former outback tour guide.

PREPPING IS: the practice of making active preparations for a disaster or emergency, possibly catastrophic, typically by stockpiling food, water, day to day necessities, and other supplies.

Preppers are a diverse group of people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Some have military and medical backgrounds. Sometimes people get into prepping because they’ve been homeless at some point through their life or have suffered hardship through environmental disasters like floods, bush fires or cyclones; or economic disasters like the G.F.C or the recession before that. Others are rich with luxury bunkers.

I got into prepping naturally, then more so because of Nth Korean missile testing.

As a youth I’d always want to find things in rock pools, as I grew my godfather took me shooting rabbits. By my late teens I was competent at spear fishing. In my twenties backpacking across Australia I saw catching a meal as an easy way to get by. In my thirties as an outback tour guide I’d often collect witchetty grubs and bush tucker like native figs and plums. I hold a Statement of Attainment –Research and Share Indigenous Culture from Charles Darwin University, Alice Springs.

I lived out of a swag for many years in the Outback, I have always had hunting gear and camping gear just as a way of life. I am an admin of one of the largest hunting groups on facebook but I also love foraging edible weeds as they are easier to stalk.

As a father, when North Korea announced that it could hit Australia, home of the joint U.S early missile detection base Pine Gap at Alice Springs, I thought right it’s time to make good prepping gear accessible in Australia.

Why Prep?

Prepping is not new. Farming, grain and water storage and the keeping of livestock have been around for thousands of years. It's a backup for when mother nature exercises her woman’s prerogative unseasonally.

Even prepping in times of peace has been common. In Styria, Austria they kept producing armour and arms in times of peace knowing they were a war gateway through Europe.

Why prep? The same reason people insure their houses, cars, health and incomes.

Modern prepping is big in America due to the frequency of hurricanes, tornadoes and perceived threats from its enemies.

In Australia, prepping can help ease pressure in areas reliant on the mining of gold, copper, coal, aluminium, iron ore etc where commodities drops can trigger huge job losses without pay ie 100 of you are being "stood down without redundancy until things pick up" – as well as in areas prone to droughts and floods- A well stocked pantry,water purification tablets, a generator, solar lights or candles an extra bottle of lpg and a tonne of dry firewood suddenly become a huge asset.

For those without large bank accounts prepping is a cheap "real cost only" insurance policy. It can go further and in all sorts of ways.

A C.B.R.N Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear mask is awesome for those who live near railways and industrial areas where a risk or precedence of toxic spills and fires is present.

A small go everywhere G.H.B get home bag can be used to hideout in a cupboard if one is ever in a building that a bad guy starts a siege in. The bag should contain matches, a torch, water, long life rations, first aid blanket, medications etc Simply hide, eat your rations and wait until the good guys come. The list goes on and on. It's kind of easy to grasp this way.

Prepping is growing in Australia especially due to tensions in the South China sea, the Korean peninsula and the increasing frequency that Australia’s government computers are being hacked. The latest is Trump threatening Iran it will wipe it off the map if Iran continues to threaten America. Far from conspiracy theorists, preppers look to reliable journalism to gauge when to add a little to the pantry.

The most severe things prepper’s are planning for are obviously WW3. Pandemics such as avian flu and ebola, cyber wars that shut off water, sewer, gas, electricity and fuel and a financial collapse that would dwarf a depression.

1. WW3












How does one become a prepper? Bottom up preparing for the above table helps. You’ll be aiming to have water purification, at least p2 masks, overall sanitation, food stocks, emergency lighting, back up cooking and driving fuels and more on hand.

The universal starting concept behind all case scenario prepping is a bag known as a bug in or bug out bag capable of supporting life for at least 72 hours.

This bag makes it possible to survive a broad range of situations and adds the flexibility of being portable if the need arises to move on. The bag should not weigh more than ¼ of the users bodyweight and if possible should harness around the hips.

These bags contain at least the following 7 key groups- The 7 C’s.

1. Cutting – A knife with a ferro rod (to make fires) or a leatherman multi tool.

2. Combustibles/cooking –windproof matches, hexamine cooker and fuel tablets and an army kidney cup and spork.

3. Coverings and cordage (rope), a space blanket, a poncho a boonie hat, paracord to make a shelter with.

4. Cleaning- hand sanitizer, baby wipes or toilet paper, a little bit of scourer, soap leaves.

5. Compass/Communication, a 5 in 1 survival whistle is great as it has a compass a signal mirror and a whistle. Some people have a uhf radio or even a wind up am/fm radio to hear emergency broadcasts.

6. Canteens/ Canned food, a pure2 fill extreme water bottle or army canteens to collect and purify water in. Tins of tuna or sardines for something quick and ready, emergency ration biscuits or muesli bars heat and eat rice packs or proper Army surplus MRE Meal ready to eat rations.

7. Can’t live with outs, Water, water purification tablets, a mask at least p2 (to help you breathe if there’s bad stuff in the air),medicines you need on a daily basis, first aid kit, prescription glasses, gastro stop etc.

For people worried about prolonged utility outages, delayed responses by overwhelmed emergency assistance and financial instability, chances are you already prep in your own way and it doesn’t require much effort to bolster. Backup candles and torches have always been helpful in a storm. Nowadays solar lights and generators can extend the time we can go with the power out.

Buying a jerry can or two of fuel on special and keeping it fresh by putting it into the car and topping it up every few months means that if need be you can drive miles away.

Buying a couple of jerry cans for water and having water purifiers could be a lifesaver- humans die after just 3 days without water but starvation takes weeks.

As for food, preppers say Stock what you use and use what you stock. Most canned food can last for years and as it approaches its use by date start using it and replace your stocks.

Ultimately prepping is about gaining control of what you can if things are going out of control. Most international aid agencies are required to be on the ground in 72 hours in normal crisis conditions .It’s said that the time frame reflects the planning and logistics required. For most places and scenarios that pans out pretty well but in New Zealand people were defecating all over their houses for 5 weeks in 1998 with the Earth quakes. And yes there are really simple solutions for that too.

Finally the big fear is a rogue military pushing the button. Some fear living in a post apocalyptic world. Prepper’s try and prepare for it like the longest camping trip ever or living in the 1800’s. Blacksmithing, gardening and sewing are making a comeback.

The 3 types of prepping are

1. Homesteading- bugging in often with a bunker/ cellar. Popular with those already on the land or those too old or physically not up to leaving their homes.

2. Bugging out to a Bug out Location BOL. A predetermined location to try and survive often with a premade bunker or base established with caches in place.

3. Going Nomad, if you’ve seen the movie The Book of Eli you’ll understand what many think may be the new norm one day until the rule of law is brought back.

Prepping Media Synopsis ©2019

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