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Sheep, wolves, sheep dogs,fantasy preppers and me

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Sheep, wolves, sheep dogs, fantasy preppers and me.

Prepping forums are interesting melting pots.

People often go to extremes in their comments and counter comments.

The four stereotypical categories of people that people think about in S.H.T.F scenarios are

Sheep, wolves, sheep dogs and fantasy preppers (fanatics).

Personally I don’t identify with any of these.

I’m just a dad that’s concerned with the rate and intensity of how things seem to be changing in Australia, the Asia pacific region, Europe and the Middle East.

I get it that preppers (myself included) look at the sheep and wonder why they won’t prepare for basic disasters at least, let alone the more serious scenarios.

I get it that those who see themselves as sheep dogs worry about organised crime gangs and extremist radicals and the things these wolves will do the first chance they get.

I find it interesting how we ponder the how far would we go questions like would we eat our dog?

Is scavenging stealing ? etc

I had a chat out the front of my prepping shop a few days ago with my neighbour from a few doors down.

I’ve known him for 11 years. He told me that S.H.T.F is never going to happen, and then added but if it does my family have discussed that we’ll just go to your place.

I didn’t laugh, well not on the outside.

I think the all or nothing mentality that goes with both the sheep and the sheep dogs to some extent is odd but I prefer the sheep dogs out of the two. Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Another neighbour saw me out the front of my shop today and said I saw you in the paper and I would have never guessed that you believed the apocalypse is on its way.

I laughed out loud and said you got sucked in by the headline in the paper didn’t you.

If anything I think it might be a big cyber war and that’s why I think we should all get into prepping.

The sheep are scared to do anything because they have got it in their heads they’d rather get wiped out by a nuclear bomb than survive its aftermath and the fantasy preppers are all or nothing too; full of everyone needs a million calories a year for three years and 20,000 rounds on every blog they can put their two cents into.

Me I’m for all case scenario prepping starting with unexpected job loss which means having extra food as well as having heating, cooking and vehicle fuels stored. Having some solar lights in the garden that can be brought inside at night. Having a garden bed and fruit trees, chickens and rabbits are good too. Having some emergency savings or things that can be bartered or sold can be helpful as well. The next thing I encourage people to look at is utility outages. Having a rainwater tank and knowing how to use a toilet without water such as lining it with a plastic bag and sprinkling lime after each use and having plenty of hand sanitizer.

In this way the base preps can help if things escalate. Next looking at toxic disasters especially if there is a high risk or precedent of tyre fires or hazardous liquid waste fires in your area a p2 or N95 mask can help but an NBC or CBRN mask can take you all the way up to S.H.T.F.

You see it’s actually easy to get started. Some things you can get from the supermarket, hardware and the chemist.

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