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Bug out bag setup.

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

What to buy.

Generally as preppers we want to avoid single use or single purpose items or things that will wear out quickly.

The 3 common categories of prepping are 1. Bugging in or homesteading 2. Bugging out to a bug out location and probably the most likely 3. Going nomad.

At the core of all these categories we need a portable bag of goodies to keep us alive should we need to move along. We love the 4 in 1 style tactical backpacks with a detachable waist or shoulder bag that are readily available on the net. We call the detachable bit a run pack.

The detachable waist bag "RUN PACK" should contain at least what we recommend in Tips and tricks number 1 and if possible add a p2 mask, mechanix gloves, a lifestraw water purifier, cold sore ointment, mozzie net, a ceramic knife sharpener, soap leaves and nail cutters, cloth tape, paracord and some cable ties.

Weight is the killer. It is generally accepted that 1/4 of your body weight is about the most you should carry in your bug out bag. Remembering that it's likely that you'll adorn and consume some of that weight as soon as or soon after you initially flee so a few extra kilos or pounds is still realistic.

Think of where you're most likely be and where you'll most likely go if and when the reason you are prepping for eventuates. Try and assimilate. If you live near woods camo is for you, if you live in the city pick black or tan or something not too obvious out in the open that is easy to conceal if needed.

Your bug out bag should be a virtual Tardis that expands on your run pack and the 7 c's of survival.

#1. *Cutting- A multi tool like a leatherman is a great addition to your run pack knives!( *See tips and tricks #1. So too is a tomahawk, some come as a tomahawk, hammer, pry bar and nail puller all in one!

#2. Combustibles and cooking- A good ferro rod, waterproof matches, a candle and my favourite hexamine tablets, these beauties punch above their weight and don't cost the earth. We like hexamine cookers and kidney cups for cooking. Don't forget to buy a spork.

Kindling is a bit of a killer in the wet, scrunch up a bit of gaffa tape or scrape some resinous pine bark if dry kindling can't be sourced if you want to hold out using your hexamine for fuel.

#3. Coverings and cordage- High quality clothing preferably waterproofed, an armie boonie hat or "civvie" civilian bucket hat, a mozzie/fly face net, spare socks, sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, foot powder, a nice light and warm sleeping bag or emergency bivvy, an army style hoochie. 10 metres of paracord , cloth tape (gaffa tape) and cable ties are all good to have. We like large zip lock bags and good quality rubbish bags . These allow for extra waterproofing if caught out in a large downpour, having to do a high water crossing or having to bury your B.O.B as a cache.

#4. Cleaning- A packet of soap leaves are compact and will go a long way, wet wipes can be used for both face and body washing then re used as toilet paper. Concentrated disinfectant like dettol goes a long long way we also recommend a tube of antiseptic cream to use dressing wounds, a toothbrush and toothpaste and floss should keep your mouth healthy. 1/4 of a sponge scourer in your canteen pouch to wash your kidney cup with and put the other 3/4 in your bug out bag.

#5. Communication and concealment- A head torch, a hand crank dynamo torch radio, something to signal with like a survival whistle with a button compass,signalling mirror and match storage is excellent! A shemagh and face paint might help too.

#6. Canteens/ canned/ preserved food - We like army canteens, two of them to be precise one for drinking that's been purified and one that's being treated with a dose of aquatab to kill germs. Keeping the "weight is the killer mantra" in mind a pure2 fill extreme water bottle could be used as both a water purifier and cooking vessel if required.

Again "weight is the killer" for this reason we like freeze dried food, jerky and peanuts.

The trade off is that freeze dried food needs water to cook. So we split our food dry/wet weight with harvest steak and veg canned food, spam, sardines in sauce and tuna in sauce.

A strong emphasis should be placed on catching food. A mouse trap, a wire snare and some basic fishing gear should be in your B.O.B! - Ridiculously slingshots are illegal in Australia, but being light, quiet and accurate they are the perfect prepping tool for small game - have the knowledge to make one and raw materials to make one * do not assemble it*. You should have a small book on wild edibles and find out what the Aborigines or Maoris or First nations people ate where you live or are likely headed.

Eat food nicely if you can. Pack a little chilli flakes, pepper and a fair bit of salt. You'll probably want to make jerky once you've caught something- if you're not so starving you've eaten it tail and all. A cup of salt (250 grams) to 2 1/2 litres (canteens) of water then thinly slice your meat and sun dry til it's crisp but not so much that it snaps.

Canned food works like this- the more acid, the quicker it spoils. That said John West tuna and onion in savoury sauce rocks straight out of the can - their green curry mackerel is next level awesome!

Morale is key, look after your brain and it will look after you is common talk in prepping.

One of the key points of a hot meal in a 72 hour + survival bag is morale. It's to replenish both your body and your spirits.

Take a pack of M&M's they were made for the WWII to answer the need for morale boosting chocolate that wouldn't melt.

S.T.O.P Stop, think, observe, proceed

#7. I saved the best for last CAN'T LIVE WITH OUTS

Medicines/Prescriptions/ Spare glasses, more aquatabs, gastro stop, pain killers, a major bleeding first aid kit with sutures at least. A Bob Cooper Survival kit should be in your kit.

Think redundancy, 2 is 1 and 1 is none. What if you've buried your bug out bag and get caught scouting and have your run pack stolen while it's on you? Have double ups in your bug out bag of whatever you can't live without or that which might run out quickly like head torch batteries. We like head torches as much as we like our lightforce 240 blitz's.

Medicine,Water, food and warmth will keep you alive.

© Copyright 2020 All rights reserved

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