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Urban fire survival tips

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Urban fire survival tips

We are going to look at the old saying "Where there's smoke there's fire"

Use your own good judgement with the following, it was Autumn 2019 in Australia when I wrote this initially, before the massive xmas bushfires and already the news outlets were reporting stories of house fires and smoke smoke inhalation around the country.

Let's face it, smoke alarms do get annoying going off at seemingly nothing sometimes but don't disable them; replace the batteries at least yearly or simply upgrade to a 10 year battery smoke alarm. Quite often when hardwired smoke alarms are being temperamental it's because they are more than 10 years old and due for a replacement.

Some of the cheapest easiest kit you can have at hand is an extra large fire blanket like the one we sell in our online store and have an ABE fire extinguisher and have them somewhere easy to get to and not buried.

Have a good hose fitted to your front and back taps and make sure they are long enough to reach all of your fence lines. If your neighbour has a build up of clutter and aren't proactive it won't hurt to have a good spare hose rolled up with an inline click in connector fitted ready to go.

Extreme weather and unforeseen circumstances sometimes bring bigger problems like using candles in a black out that a pet can knock over. We much prefer garden solar lights and dynamo torches.

Similarly using alternative cooking sources can leak and explode or have victims overcome with carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide alarms can be helpful to monitor levels and gas hose leak detectors are also available. Realistically there is no substitute for adequate ventilation. Alternative cooking sources should not be used for heating, we much prefer going back to basics like old school woollen blankets and jumpers which can often be bought inexpensively from Op shops.

The thing to remember as a prepper is self reliance. We are trying to gain control of what we can when things are going out of control leaving the government and their emergency branches more resources to get things back in order as quickly as possible.

If you know some one that lives in a fire prone area with no preps in place you might want to consider gifting them one of our bushfire go bags. It comes with a first aid burns kit, a jumbo fire blanket, masks, goggles, survival food and survival whistles.

©2019 South Australia. All rights reserved.

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