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WATER: what preppers need to know

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Water is one of the most important things Preppers need to be concerned with.

One day it would be nice for our states to be linked by water pipelines to drought proof this beautiful country of ours, smarter still would be to harvest flood water and move it where it’s needed.

Preppers are often highly tuned into resourcefulness but it’s time to share our knowledge with our fellow Australians who aren’t prepping yet.

People talk about a Zombie apocalypse; I think the zombies will simply be those who are caught unprepared.

If you have a pool or a spa you’ll be happy to know it contains between 1 and 3 parts of chlorine per million parts of water. That’s actually a safe level to drink up to a maximum of 4 parts per million in survival situations. Simply filtering it will make it taste nicer but really it’s germs that we’d most want to filter from pool or spa water. We recommend a good filter bottle like the Fill 2 pure extreme water bottle in our online store for your drinking water.

A rainwater tank is something every home should have if possible but if you can’t afford it yet, consider buckets, a bathtub with cling film under the plug or proper water jerry cans.

Aquatabs can be bought cheaply from the chemist to purify water; I’d love it if you bought a pack asap and put them in your first aid kit. If a cyber war comes you’ll be able to purify pond water if needed.

Humans die in 3 days without water; it takes weeks to die of starvation.

Feel free to share this far and wide.

Trevor Andrei

©Copyright All rights reserved 2019

South Australia.

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