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Things Preppers need for the home. #1

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Things Preppers Need For The Home #1: Alternative cooking sources and fuels

Spare gas bottle for the bbq.

Firewood. Find a place you can store it off the ground so you won’t invite termites. Ring the local tree lopping mobs and tell them they can drop cut lengths of firewood in your driveway or offer them a case of beer if they’ll help stack it for you if you’re not fit or time poor. This way it’ll cost you only 5o bucks if you split it yourself.

A butane camp stove is awesome in a pinch and be used long term if you have enough canisters. Buy one for about $20 from Kmart. Remember to have ventilation.

Buy a box of butane cans to go with them, they store for years. Buy a brick of matches.


You need to own a head torch, if something happens you want your hands free. Put it where it’s openly accessible. That’s its home it lives there now. Have spare batteries for it.

Again while you are at kmart or bunnings buy solar lights, the sort that light pathways they are only $2 each, buy 6, put three outside now and keep three in the house without turning them on.

In a year or so when the ones outside die buy 3 more to replace them; but replace the ones outside with the ones in your cupboard that way the ones in your cupboard are always the newest.

If something ever happens, bingo you’ve got lights for your house.


While you are at Bunnings buy at least a few buckets with lids, a bag of lime, a plastic scoop and a few rolls of good big bin garbage liners. If Cyber comes along use a garbage bag to line your loo and continue using it as a loo. Have the lime and scoop where your dunny brush used to live and sprinkle a little after use. When the bag gets full enough to need changing tie it up and bury it or store it in a bucket with a lid. Stock up on toilet paper, wet wipes, glen 20 and hand sanitizer.


Have several means of harvesting and purifying water.

You should have a rainwater tank asap. A gazillion litres is great but anything is better than nothing.

If you can’t afford it as a priority go out first thing and buy aquatabs from the chemist, buy a Fill 2 pure extreme water bottle from my online shop.

Buy bottled water, get a water jerry can with a tap and fill it up.

I can’t stress this enough. It takes only 3 days to die without water!

Refill your jerry can of water every two months when you turn your calendar to the new month.

Fuel. Buy 2 Jerry cans and fill them first chance you can afford it. Every two months or less, as soon as fuel is on special fill the car with the jerry cans and then refill with fresh fuel.


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